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Case de Campo piece of paradise in Dominican Republic

Casa De Campo beautiful resort located by a town of La Ro
mana absolutely worth discovering.  What is so special about Casa DeCampo? It is a gated resort community aka beautiful green bubble of Dominican Republic.


Casa de Campo had a lot to offer from
spectacular view to tons of great food options and more.

My very first paid post just have been published on  and it is all about discovering Casa De Campo!

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My La Romana Spot Playa Caleta Truly Dominican Experience

Did I mention the Dominican Republic is a place to be? Oh yes, I did right here posted my piece on wonderful resort/community  Casa de Campo! Spending time in Casa de Campo is amazing however town of La Romana outside of a resort has a lot to offer with the vibrant culture, people and of course food there is more than one reason to get outside of the resort.


Fried fish and testones at Marlin Azul Caleta

Playa Caleta

For truly Dominican culinary experience, there is no other place like Playa Caleta. La Caleta is local La Romana beach wich for some reason have not be bought by any resort or had any fancy development, hence the authenticity. Playa Caleta is a truly Dominican stop. The relaxed feeling will wash all over  I would not recommend it for straight up classically beach experience but the food and atmosphere, as well as great view, made one of my favorite hanging spots.  Countless hours were spent chilling, eating, drinking and smoking cigars.

Marlin Azul

Out of quite a few spots to sit down and grab a bite I would single out Marlin Azul. With  the access to the best view and the great food he, the place is golden. Lovers of fish and seafood rejoice this is your place, ask for the catch of the day and be presented with a delightful collection of fish and seafood, raw on  a tray! Also, the choice is yours if you want your fish fried or grilled. I personally love it fried and it is a truly Dominican way, seriously they do fry everything! Do not miss the fried plantain aka tostones  which are served as a side dish. It is the yummy alternative to french fries since potatoes are imported product in DR most restaurants use frozen french  fries so locally grown equivalents as fried plantain and yucca are much better and yummier choice.


Fresh assorted fish

Important note: from 1’st of march to 30’th of June Lobster Season in Carribean including  the Dominican Republic is closed. Since this period is their mating season it is It is prohibited to fish and serve lobster. Unfortunately many spots still offer lobsters during that time despite the fee the establishment theoretically will pay for violating that ban. In order to preserve that species, it has been highly recommended to “Say no to Lobster” from March 1 to June 30. 


Chicharron (fried pork skin)

Food Vendors

On top of what restaurants has to offer there are street food vendors. There are two items I almost always get is Chicharron and clam ceviche! Chicharron is a fried and salty pork skin  and it is cracking delicious! Yes! Crunchy,  salty with a hint of sourness, chicharron is the perfect snack for Dominican number beer Presidente light and crisp larger just what is needed for a hot tropical afternoon.  One can here vendor calling “Chicharron light… Chicharron de Dieta (diet)” from far, not to miss! Can you think of dish lighter or more suitable for diet than fried pork skin, big appreciation of the irony!


Another perfect snack not to miss in La Caletta is fresh clam  It is known among local men,  as nature’s viagra!   The clam gets open right in front of you and after being cut in the pieces fresh vegetable cocktail  and all the right condiments like lemon juice, olive oil and a dash of spicy sauce while still in the shell!

And all of this gastronomic beauty happens in an atmosphere of Dominican relaxed, light being! Fun laughing groups of friends, running around kids, street vendors selling all kinds of goods from local artists CDs to sunglasses which I bought more than one or even two pairs!

All and all, this is my perfect afternoon spot in La Romana! Not only wonderful food but also the relaxing and authentic atmosphere, sea breeze, die for view what a perfect spot for a cigar! Stay tuned for the next post on one and only in my opinion – Dominican Cigars!